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police. The initial confrontation broke out in a restroom inside the restaurant and eventually spilled out into a parking lot outside, where police were deployed in anticipation o


te for news on Cuba. The United States formally broke off diplomatic relations with Cuba in 1961 over ideological differences following the victory of the Cuban Revolution led by F.


NYPD, police inspected a suspicious-looking car near the NYPD headquarters building in downtown Manhattan, but determined it contained nothing dangerous. The visit came hours afte.


ng onto the nearby train tracks, Metro-North service was halted Wednesday until the middle of the evening. CHICAGO, April 7 (Xinhua) -- Seven people were killed in a plane crash n.


nment comes to retake the path of respecting South America," Chavez said. "We are going to see what will happen with the Yankee bases in Colombia." The "Otavalo Declaration" issue.

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raq and to Afghanistan," he said. "But we managed to get them back. And after rehabilitation they came back to society. They changed their attitude completely." Aujali, who resign.

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H. erectus. The theory explains the small teeth, jaws, and guts of modern humans, and the universal importance that cooking has played in cultures throughout recorded history, ac.

region. However, once the Hollywood flair of Obama's long-awaited visit to Latin America fades, the U.S. president will face new challenges in cooperating with the continent. Bra.

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